Magic Jack Testimonials

Magic Jack Image 1Charles

I would have to say that outside of the few little bugs the system has, I really like the Magic Jack phone system. I have already saved enough money through long distance charges to pay for Magic Jack.


PB, California


I have had and used my MJ for 2+ years now. My biggest issue is that in stormy weather the reception fades and the people I call cannot hear me although I can hear them. I love my MJ and have no other problems with it. My MJ saves me $1000.00 every year since I gave up the phone company land line. It's not 100% perfect but it gets the job done and the small glitches are well worth the yearly"


John, Virginia


I've been using MagicJack since February. The cost of the device is equal to the one month cost of my previous phone service ($40), and although I've had a couple of dropped calls, overall I've so far saved $320 in phone costs. That's worth the few drop-outs I've had. I swear, if the device stopped working today, I'd just go out and buy another one, and if it failed after one month I'd still buy yet another one (because at $40/month it still wouldn't cost any more than my previous phone service). But so far my first one has lasted nine months, and I've been quite happy with it.