Never Pay a Monthly Phone Bill Again with Magic Jack

Magic Jack Image 4Stop letting the local phone company take advantage of you. Now you can make and receive phone calls from any computer or laptop. Magic Jack is a small mechanism that when plugged into the USB port of a computer, provides phone service anywhere in the United States or Canada for one monthly low price. You get the same convenient features such as Caller ID and call-waiting as well as free conference calling! Have multiple computers? Use multiple Magic Jacks on the same router for communication anywhere you want in your house.




Majic Jack & High Speed Connection

With a high speed internet connection you can be saving literally hundreds of dollars on the average basic phone bill. Simply use your computer’s speakers and a microphone, or a regular cordless telephone to make phone calls. Now local and long distance calls within the United States and Canada are absolutely free and international calls are available at low flat rates. Magic Jack software runs on both Windows PCs, as well as Mac computers, and even laptops.

Majic Jack Risk Free Trial

Don't miss trying Magic Jack with a risk-free 30-day trial. At the end of the trial period, the service costs $39.95 which covers one year of service.